Stay centered while staying fit with the many unique yoga classes offered at our gym, all focused on enhanced awareness of body and mind.

Enhance Mind/Body Awareness with Yoga at Knoxville Fitness Center

Bring strength to your mind and body with Yoga group exercise classes at the National Fitness Center in Knoxville (Alcoa Highway). Yoga emphasizes breath control and body posture to enhance balance, flexibility and posture. Yoga is ideal for older adults or individuals with sports injuries or chronic pain. A low-impact exercise that is easy on bones and joints, Yoga is a gentle exercise that builds strength in a relaxing environment.

Continue your relaxation experience at our health club in the dry sauna and steam room. Or try a soothing hydromassage to ease muscle tension or joint stiffness.

Learn how to strengthen your mind and relax your body at our Knoxville gym. Try out Yoga group classes with a free, 3-day pass — or call (865) 579-3600 today to schedule your relaxing hydromassage session!


What’s more motivating than working out with an energetic group? At the National Fitness Center in Knoxville (Alcoa Highway), we offer a variety of group exercise classes from which you can choose. For the driving energy of upbeat music, try Les Mills BodyJam or BodyPump group exercise. PHIIT and spinning group training classes are high intensity sessions guaranteed to produce results! For something lower impact, try the mind/body awareness of Yoga. Our Knoxville gym has something for every exercise preference! Call our health club in Knoxville at (865) 579-3600 for more information about classes and schedules.